Return of the Mac

Rain. I hate it. In the frequent ‘what’s your favourite weather?’ conversation with my kids, rain is always right down there at the bottom as the big time loser. The sogginess, intrusiveness and general impracticality just gets me annoyed. Which makes me ask myself, why has it taken so long to invest in a decent raincoat? Seriously, a waterproof coat, that in my opinion actually looks cool is a no brainer.

Look, see – raincoats are cool!

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

So after a few super cool images above to get you inspired, I thought I’d share some of my finds briefly with you all. Enjoy!


I have a navy Stutterheim as featured on my instagram, and I must say I LOVE it. I’ve wanted one for years. Initially when I had my daughter and was pushing a buggy and a toddler on the buggy board and there were no hands for umbrellas! I used to think how useful it would be to have a waterproof coat to throw on. Now I have one I definitely think they’re worth the investment. And the good news is…there is an amazing sale with some great finds so shop smart and my an investment sale purchase like this fab khaki one which is 50% off currently and only £80.


There are so many great colours on sale. An amazing way to work a wow colour in to your wardrobe to make you pop on a miserable day. You will have so many compliments! Quick note re sizing…they are unisex and so size down. I am usually as size 8 and mine is an XXS as a guide.


Rains is another Scandi brand specialising in raincoats. They ship directly from Denmark, or you can buy them on ASOS or Zalando. Outdoor Supply have lots and they also sell them on Amazon. I’ve heard people say they’re pretty waterproof but the material is much flimsier than the Stutterheim and I think the result is that in some colours they can look slight geography field trip! That said, they do come in an array of colours and are a pretty good price. I would just make sure you go for the popper version, not the zip up. This one is cute. Love the colour.


Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau are another brand that do a very classic raincoat. Their yellow one is probably the most well known and I love how it adds a splash of colour and really brightens up a rainy day. They’re pretty well priced and some of them are even in the sale like this cream and navy one which I think is pretty cool. There is a red one with navy buttons which I love. All I would say about the Petit Bateau ones is that although they are super waterproof the hoods are quite small and so difficult to keep up.



If you want a cheaper, less long lasting version and don’t want to invest the money in it, then there are lots of options on the high street. Of course, everyone’s budget is different and so I’ve found some much more affordable versions below.


Good old Topshop…they have a classic navy one which is a pretty good option for £49.


La Redoute

La Redoute have a version very similar to Petit Bateau one and available in lots of colour ways for under £50. They do the bright yellow one which is pretty classic. I would keep the sleeves rolled down to keep it cool.




As always, ASOS deliver with a great budget option. Always keep an eye on their sale for items like raincoats and you can often find really good bargains which are worth a purchase. I like this green one, it is a fab colour and looks amazing with the red lipstick! They have the same shape in other colours though. It looks like a good quality option and is a decent price at £55.



So there you have it…the raincoat! In terms of styling I would keep it simple and layer over a knit or a hoodie for a cool, comfort vibe but I’ve also found mine really useful to throw on over more dressy outfits and I love how it fits over a blazer so as soon as you reach your venue you can take off the raincoat and ta-daaaah – cool girl ready for a party.

Happy rain macking and as ever please do message me if you have any thoughts or comments.

Libby xx






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