Style Ruts be Gone

Hi guys, I thought I’d write and share with you some of my top tips for breaking out of a style rut following a wardrobe edit I did for a lovely client yesterday. Clients often describe themselves to me as being ‘in a rut,’ and I am here to tell you that just because you feel that way now, does not mean that you will feel that way forever. Below are a few suggestions from me that will get you back to feeling your best self again!

  1. Go for a run.

Bear with me ok. This actually works. I would never profess to being the world’s biggest gym bunny or exercise addict BUT after living in Oz during 2008 (one of my best year’s EVER), I truly learnt firsthand the amazing benefits of exercise. I honestly believe a bit of exercise can change how you feel and look at yourself in your clothes and give you a new lease of life. It might be your idea of hell, but try not to think too much – get those tunes pumping and just make yourself do it. Even for 15 minutes. It kind of refreshes you and helps you to look at things with fresh vision. Including your wardrobe and the clothes you buy. It blows away the cobwebs and sheds new light on things. Believe me, it helps me every time I am feeling stuck in a rut with anything!

2. Give Instagram a break

Crazy woman you might say seeing as I am on Instagram. Surely Instagram is THE best place for fashion inspiration? YES, sometimes – when you are feeling on form with your style and confident in your choices. However, I believe it can be a total minefield if you’re unsure about what your personal style is. You can get so consumed in it and taken in so many different directions that suddenly you’ve spent 2 hours looking at literally 100’s of images and you are mightily confused about what it is you actually like. Anyone? Go old school and make things simple. Buy a magazine and go and have a coffee, check out Vogue, Grazia, Look, The Sunday Times magazine etc for inspiration. It is far less overwhelming and will give you a much clearer idea about what is currently on trend and available in the shops. I also think the ‘inspiration’ pages on retailers websites are a good place to get ideas from. Look at the online editorials for retailers which often have some really good content and show interesting ways to style pieces that you might already own. I also like Pinterest for creating a moodboard and pinning images I am inspired by in one place.

3. Sort out your wardrobe (or have a wardrobe edit!)

If you feel like you’re wearing the same thing everyday, you need to step back and reassess the clothes you have. The chances are you are probably just reaching for the same thing because it’s convenient and easy to access. Reorganise the items in your wardrobe. Take anything out of your wardrobe that you hate, and box away anything that is not current season and give yourself more space. Take some time to look through what you’ve got and actually think about the different ways you can wear it. I love doing this with clients as it literally gives so many more outfit ideas just by rethinking clothes you already own.

4. Try not to wear jeans

At this time of year, the challenge is real. It happens to me every year when it gets really cold you get dressed in the morning like a robot. Jeans, layers, chunky knit, on repeat. It will be so hard to break out of your rut with this routine so try to MAKE yourself not wear jeans at least a couple of days per week! Try a dress with tights and ankle boots, or a pair of leather trousers even. Throw on some cropped trousers you have with a sparkly sock for warmth. Think outside the box and try not to wear your jeans. Note to self 🙂

5. Update your jeans

Saying that…I think one of the best ways to feeling like you have a new lease of life to your wardrobe is updating your denim. You might well have been in the same style of jeans for the past 10 years. Changing just the shape of your jeans even subtly can do wonders for how you feel in your clothes. Suddenly everything will feel much fresher. Depending on your body shape go for a high waist wide leg, or slightly cropped straight leg. Try and step away from the skinny jeans and bring your look in to 2018. I love Topshop and And Other Stories for high street jeans and Re/done,  Paige & Frame for a higher end buy.

6. Invest in your outerwear

If you follow me on instragram you’ll know I always go on about coats and jackets in the UK. Nothing makes you feel like you’re stuck in a rut more than feeling like whatever you  wear you plonk the same coat over your outfit. With different options you’ll feel fresher and feel like you’re breaking your usual mould. Start to think about getting dressed from your coat layer first and suddenly you’ll feel like you can quickly and easily create different looks. A trench, a bomber, a biker jacket, a wool cocoon coat, a faux fur and a bright rain coat will all work wonders to lift your look.

7. Remember – it’s all in the detail

This sounds silly, but I don’t feel dressed unless I have my earrings in! They don’t have to be statement and bold, but I wear earrings every day. Mostly simple gold hoops but I have lots of different gold studs etc. It really is all in the details. Even if I throw on a hoodie and a coat, if I have earrings in it somehow makes me feel polished. Start it tomorrow and see how it makes you feel. Even going all out and getting a new ear piercing is a fun way to add a bit of newness to your look 🙂

8. Give yourself a ban on black, grey & navy

I am sure that if you are feeling that you’re in a style rut, you will have a lot of black and grey in your wardrobe. It is often the colours that people are drawn to when they are not feeling particularly inspired and want to play it safe. By telling yourself you are not allowed to buy black and grey items will force you to look at other things. Even if you don’t go all out with crazy prints and colours try to step out of your comfort zone a bit. Wearing a colour that you don’t usually wear that truly compliments you will attract so many compliments.

9. Go to a new shop that you don’t usually visit

When I shop with clients this is the most common surprise for them. I will often take them to a shop that they would never have considered shopping in before and it gives a whole new lease of life to their look and they always continue to shop there themselves afterwards. Retailers change so much as different design directors come and go, and some seasons are stronger than others. Don’t just stick to the same stores, keep an open mind and try to look around. You will find great pieces in places you never would have dreamed of looking.

10. Accessorise

I’ve mentioned earrings above, but accessorising really is the key to great styling. It is all about how you wear something. Adding accessories can elevate your style to new levels. It’s freezing out there right now and you will probably want to be wearing a hat on repeat. Try one in a bright colour you wouldn’t usually wear, or a new shape like a beret or baker boy. Hats are a brilliant way to change your overall look. Scarfs can also be a really reasonable way to elevate your style. Try to change up the bag you use to give your look a different vibe. I’m always changing my bag which drives me crazy as I can never find anything particularly my lipsticks!

11. Change your hairstyle

I think this is especially relevant after you’ve had a baby and you may have been breastfeeding. I know with both of my babies my hair felt so lacklustre after I’d finished with the newborn phase and both times I just wanted to hack it off and refresh it! Even just changing your parting from side to centre can change your style, and definitely a chop can work wonders. Remember when Posh chopped off those awful hair extensions for the chic ‘pob?’ You hearing me? Transformative.

12. Buy something you wouldn’t usually wear

Make it your own personal challenge to wear something outside your comfort zone. Whether that’s adding a pair of socks to your sandals, or buying a jumpsuit when you’ve never owned one before. Just go for it, have fun and remember that it is all about trying new things. There is no need to fear it – test the water and see how you feel, and I bet you will feel amazing.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. As ever please do let me know if you have any thoughts or comments. I’m available for wardrobe edits and personal shopping and I love nothing more than helping other women find their true stylish self. All services and pricing are in the menu above.

Libby xx


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