A quick round up of snow boots

Hi guys I had so many messages today asking what snow boots I’d recommend. I don’t actually own any! But I was intrigued so here’s a round up of some pairs I thought looked good…

If money were no object I’d probably go for something like this:


But for over £500 I think I’ll leave them!

Love these by Ganni but I think they could get wrecked in really deep snow:


Sorel is a good practical quality brand to consider. I like this hybrid between trainer and boot as think it’s really practical  particularly in a city where the snow isn’t too high.


I found this bargain purchase from Acne. Love them! And love how the silver brightens even the gloomiest of days. They do them in lots of colours but these are a really good buy. Not specifically a snow boot but a boot you can wear in the snow none the less.


Similar look but cheaper are these Tamaris from Zalando:

Also like these:


Love these by Tommy Hilfiger but they’re selling fast…



And finally, these are a bit of cuteness for the snowy weather – also available in other colours:


OR you could just stick two pairs of socks on and a pair of wellies and wait for the snow to pass!!

Let me know if you buy or try any of them or if you find a really good alternative on the high street!

Stay warm guys xxx



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