Silk Scarves and How to Style Them

I am going to blog more in 2020. There, I said it! I love writing and always have so I need to do it more. I’m starting with this one because it seems that whenever I do a wardrobe edit for a client, there is more often than not a box of scarves and accessories in the wardrobe. This always leads us on to talking about whether or not to keep them. Often they have sentimental value and so the answer is always – if you love it, yes. I wanted to throw this quick inspiration guide together for you, to give you some easy ideas of how to mix silk scarves into your everyday looks. As always any questions please do drop me a note I always love hearing from you! All images are found via Pinterest.

In your hair:

I am a big fan of scarves tied in my hair and whenever I throw my hair up quickly, I love the fact that adding a scarf just adds a bit of interest and looks more put together. So simple yet so cute. It doesn’t have to be big and bright either – any colour or size will do. Loop it through your hairband to ensure it stays in all day.

Around your neck:

This is such a cool addition to an otherwise very simple outfit and takes a matter of seconds to do. I love that this girl has it tied on top of a polo neck and has added it in to layers. She has kept it monochrome but anything goes and you can go as wild with colour as you wish.

Over your shoulders:

Note how effortless this looks. It is the last layer over a warm coat/blazer and is simply thrown on and left open. This is an ideal look to do with a larger scarf. It’s perfect for when spring hits. I’d love to see some simple gold necklaces layered with this look too.

On your bag:

This is something I do a lot in the summer. You could be wearing a very laid back jeans and a white tee look but adding a scarf to your basket bag is a really great way to add interest or colour and maybe coordinate with your earrings or sandals for example. Mix them up depending on what you are wearing. And if you don’t have a basket bag, why don’t you have a basket bag?!

On your head:

Ok so this might sound strange but honestly, this is one of my favourite looks ever. I love seeing ladies rock this I think it just screams GLAM. Particularly on a beach in the south of France or sat outside a cafe in Paris! Double knot it to keep it in place and push it back slightly to reveal the front of your hair. The big oversized dark sunglasses keep it cool and stop it from being ‘granny.’

I hope that this has provided you with some styling inspiration and made you think about trying some of the looks with your scarves. Please let me know if you do and tag me if you are posting so I can see them! As always thank you for reading I never take it for granted that you came over here and spent time. Until next time!

Libby xx