The Wardrobe Edit

The Wardrobe Edit – £320

This is the very best way to start your journey to feeling amazing! How many items do you have in your wardrobe that you never wear? And how many times do you open the doors and feel like you have nothing to put on? You are not alone – and the good news is that I can help! I hear this so much, and I love helping my clients to make the most of their existing clothes.

Let me cast my expert eye over your existing clothes in this hugely uplifting session. I will teach you how to wear the clothes you have, organise your wardrobe, create outfits to suit you personally, and curate a very bespoke shopping list of carefully considered items that you could invest in to work with your current clothes.

During your wardrobe edit, I will help you decide what to keep, recycle or sell so that you are left with clothes that suit your body shape, fit you brilliantly and make you feel great. I will work with your existing clothes to create new outfit combinations so that you feel inspired with new ways to combine your clothes, and I will highlight gaps where I feel key items would elevate your style. I will go through a full bodyshape and colour analysis to give you the tools to select outfits in future. Having a clear understanding of what is in your wardrobe will save you money, change the way you dress, and teach you how to shop in the future. Imagine how good you’ll feel every time you open your wardrobe and love everything in there!

The wardrobe edit includes:

  • Half an hour phone consultation
  • Full analysis of a personalised questionnaire prior to your wardrobe edit so that I understand your lifestyle and needs before we meet
  • Full colour analysis session to confirm which colour palette suits you best
  • Body shape analysis tutorial regarding which clothes best suit you
  • 3.5 hours of my time, at your house sorting through your wardrobe
  • Stylist hints and tips
  • Current trend overview
  • Photos of outfits I create for you to refer back to
  • A shopping list of items I advise will elevate your existing pieces